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Section 1, DRIVING AGREEMENT – Your vehicle, our driver (Download PDF)
Section 2, TERMS OF SERVICE – Your vehicle, our driver
(Download PDF)

SECTION 1, DRIVING AGREEMENT – Your vehicle – Our Driver

  1. I,                                                  (“Client”) agree to enter into a contract with Shoot Movers L.L.C. (“The Company”) to provide a driver to drive my vehicle as requested. I understand Shoot Movers, drivers are not security guards, bodyguards, nor do they provide executive protection.
  2. I represent that my vehicle is in good working condition and has the appropriate inspection and registration, both which are in effect and have not expired.

  3. I represent that the vehicle to be used is actively insured for a minimum liability limits of $250,000 bodily injury each person/ $500,000 each accident, $50,000 property damage, collision and comprehensive coverage, There are no driver restrictions, and that there are no driver restrictions in the policies, and that such policies are in full force and effect.

  4. I understand that my vehicle insurance is primary for liability, collision and comprehensive coverage’s and that Shoot Movers  responsibility is limited to the amount of my deductible or $500.00  (whichever is less) for physical damage to my vehicle resulting from the negligence of a Shoot Movers driver.

  5. I agree to notify Shoot Movers of any changes in the condition of my vehicle, or insurance coverage.

  6. I, hereby release, agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Shoot Movers, L.L.C., its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and independent contractors from any and all claims, demands, suits, liabilities, expenses, costs, judgments, injuries (including death) or other losses or damages which arise from or relate to Shoot Movers, L.L.C. and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and independent contractors providing services for me.

  7. Shoot Movers LLC, drivers’ represent its inventory of skilled professionals. If, in the event Client wishes to convert a Shoot Movers driver to the client’s employee, Client agrees to pay a conversion fee as liquidated damages. The conversion fee is $6,000.   Liability for the conversion fee is triggered when Client hires a Shoot Movers L.L.C. driver regardless of the employment classification, on either a permanent, temporary or "as needed" basis and regardless of the drivers’ employment status at the time of the hire (e.g., no longer with Shoot Movers L.L.C. ) or drivers’ claimed reason for leaving  Shoot Movers L.L.C. (e.g., quit  Shoot Movers L.L.C. for reasons unrelated to conversion) if said hire occurs within six months after the last day of the assignment.

  8. Shoot Movers agrees to pay the drivers workmen’s compensation, disability insurance and non-owners liability.

  9. Shoot Movers agrees to provide the client with a back-up driver when the primary driver is sick or unavailable, and when Shoot Movers receives ample notice.

  10. Shoot Movers agrees to provide the client with a replacement driver if the client is not satisfied with the drivers’ work performance, or for any reason client wishes to be assigned another driver, when Shoot Movers receives ample notice.

  11. Client will be billed $40 per hour.  Any driver who drives the clients’ vehicle more than 40 forty hours per week; client will be billed $60.00 per hour thereafter for that driver. A holiday rate of $60.00 will apply to the following days: New Year’s Day, New Years Eve, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Christmas Eve

  12. This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of New York State.

  13. If any provision herein shall be deemed to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

  14. This agreement represents the entire agreement.

  15. Changes to this agreement may only be made in writing, signed by both parties.


I have carefully read and understand the terms of this Agreement including its Release of Claims and  Hold Harmless provisions.  I certify the representations made by me are true.    


_____________________________________                   ___________________________
Client                                                                       Date

_____________________________________                   ___________________________
Shoot Movers LLC Representative                                  Date

SECTION 2, TERMS OF SERVICE – Your vehicle, our driver

Rate: Unscheduled time is billed in (30) thirty-minute intervals for the remainder of the chauffeurs hire.

When does billable time start? Billable time starts after our driver arrives at the address you designated for pick up and completes a 10-minute inspection of your vehicle. Our drivers will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your requested pick up time to complete this required inspection, and you will not be billed for those minutes.

Travel Time Fee: Initial pick up and final drop off locations outside of New York City may require a travel time fee, call for details.

PAYMENT: We reserve the right to ask for full payment when making a non-account booking. In all cases, a deposit is required. Non-account payments must be made by credit card, debit card, postal order, cash or check (which must be cleared by the time of travel). Where a booking deposit is accepted the balance will be paid in advance of traveling. For very short notice bookings from persons unknown only payment by cash to the driver beforehand will be accepted. Some or all of these conditions may be relaxed when we are satisfied with the credentials of the booker for subsequent bookings.

CREDIT CARDS: We can only accept credit card payments from the person or company (if on behalf of an employee/client of that company) that is traveling. We cannot accept credit card bookings from third parties. We must be supplied with card details to be verified in advance. A full address for the booking must be supplied and must connect to the residence or place of work of the traveling client. We will only accept phone bookings from a verifiable and fixed phone line. The person traveling will be required to produce the card for signature verification to the driver before commencement of journey.

Cancellation: Cancellations without financial penalty are allowed up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled pickup date and time. Cancellations with more than six (6) hours prior notice but less than twelve (12) hours notice to pick up time are subject to a cancellation charge of twenty-five (25) dollars. Cancellations within 6 hours or less notice prior to the scheduled pickup will be charged a minimum of $90 dollars.

Vehicle Service Check:
Chauffeur will arrive 15 minutes prior to the clients’ departure time to give the Chauffeur time to check the vehicles performance, including fluid levels, operability, and roadworthiness. Their will be no additional charge for this service.

Hours of operation:
 Our drivers are typically available 24/7. Shifts may be necessary if a client’s needs exceed a twelve-hour period of service.

Shift change: For clients who need a chauffeur more than twelve hours, a $30.00 fee will be added when a new driver must be summoned to complete the assignment.

To Make a Reservation:
 We prefer twenty-four (24) hours advance notice; however, we will always try to accommodate your last minute needs.

Rental Vehicles:
The client may rent a vehicle of his/her own choosing; however, they must list the Shoot Movers as one of the drivers. We will arrange for our driver to pick up your vehicle from the rental location and return it upon completion of the assignment.

Driver expenditures:
All expenditures by the driver will be reimbursed including, but not limited to gas, car washes, tolls, parking fees plus a (20%) twenty percent service fee. All driver expenditures will be pre-approved by the client.

Your booking is not secured until you receive a confirmation from Shoot Movers LLC. This will be by letter, fax or E-mail. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and inform us of any errors. We will endeavor to check connection and appointment times etc. supplied to us by the client, but Shoot Movers LLC, cannot be responsible for any errors or cancellations or timetable changes which result in loss or delays to the client.

Shoot Movers cannot be responsible for clients insistence for any variation from the recommended times or delay to agreed departure time, which may result in delayed productions or any other financial loss. Any delay during a journey caused by the client is solely his or her own responsibility. The driver must not be asked to speed or drive recklessly to make up for late departures.

Every effort will be made to get you to your destination on time, but we are not liable for any loss due to delays caused by traffic jams, road works, road closures, diversions, extreme weather conditions, collisions caused by other parties ,or terrorist attacks on the journey. Shoot Movers L.L.C. may cancel all services and refund in the event of circumstances beyond our control.

We will carry out work on account for individuals or companies (the applicant) subject to status. We may require in the first instance payment in advance before allowing account facilities. As a condition of opening an account with us, the applicant will agree to pay all invoices issued by us within 30 days from the date of invoice. All discounts or special rates will be mutually agreed upon in advance and in writing. The applicant for an account must provide any references required to check creditworthiness.

LATE PAYMENTS: Balance due is always within (30) thirty-days, afterwards an overdue account is subject to a service charge of 5% per month.

Shoot Movers reserve the right to use subcontracted drivers when needed. Shoot Movers LLC will vet all subcontractors to ensure the same high standards we expect from ourselves.

Shoot Movers L.L.C. reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking it believes not genuine or places any driver at risk of physical harm or abuse by the client or by persons (connected or not connected with the client).

We thank you for considering
Shoot Movers!

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